Monday, September 30, 2013

Two Truths and a Lie

We played Two Truths and a Lie last week with the kids. You know, that's where you list three things about yourself, but only two of them are true. The other players try to guess which is the lie. We haven't played this game before as a family and some of the kids were really getting into it. I could see Sadie thinking hard about what she would choose. Trying hard not to forget, she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote her items down. I chuckled as she read her list to us and then chuckled again when I found it the next day. Too cute!

I've sneezed by sniffing pepper.
I've sold cookies at a lemonade stand 
and I've eaten a peanut butter cookie with bread.

Can you guess which one is not true?
It's tough, but it's the last one. Silly girl. :)