Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fright Night 2013

Tonight was the annual Fright Night concert featuring our University Orchestra. Sam and Sterling played with the first violins. I love this concert because the entire orchestra is in costume and they focus on kid friendly pieces. This year they played Gustav Holst's Mars. Both my boys love this piece so much that it makes them cry!! Sterling has been talking about it, listening to it, playing it, and directing it at home since they started rehearsals back in September. That kids feels the music like no other! They also played two movements from Harry Potter while showing clips from the movies up on a big screen. It sounded awesome! The boys were challenged on that one with some measures containing more than 25 notes as the violins made the sound of owls flying around. Also on the program was The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Britten, Star Trek, and Ride of the Valkyries - another hard one! Oh, the whole program was so good!!

Here are the costumes from our house - nothing too complicated this year as you can see. :)

All the kids in the audience are also encouraged to come in costume. There is a costume contest where they get to parade across the stage during one of the pieces. That's why Sadie and Soren also dressed up. A great family evening!

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Peggy said...

Wish we could have been there!