Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Own Mr. Darcy

My friend Karey has done it again. She's written a super clean, totally enjoyable book that I didn't want to end! My Own Mr. Darcy is all about a girl, Elizabeth, who sees Pride & Prejudice in the movie theater and can never look at guys the same again. Everyone is compared to Darcy and she will settle for nothing less. You can see all the problems this might create and all the good guys she would miss out on. Her roommate is determined to help her change her expectations but things like this are never as easy as they seem, especially when a man very much like Mr. Darcy enters the picture.

I love the way Karey has crafted her story. I love the contrasts between Matt (Mr. Darcy) and Chad (Mr. Nice Guy). I love how Elizabeth's roommate and the reader can see the problems that Elizabeth won't acknowledge. I love the suspense and the resolutions.

This plays out just as an entertaining chick flick should, only in book form. (Yes, it would make a great movie!) Savannah has declared it her favorite book of all time. She's already read it twice. Even Jeff and Sam enjoyed it. I hope you love it, too!

{If any of my local friends want to borrow it, I have a loaner copy!!}


Aaron & Nancy said...

I'm going to order it off Amazon. Thanks, Missy!

Mrs. KIR said...

I WANT TO READ IT!!! Can someone bring it to youth?

Peggy said...

Can I read it when we see you next? :)