Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Broken Heart: Letting Go Is Hard

Sadie loves ladybugs. We've called her our "Sadie-bug" pretty much since she was born and, probably as a result, she feels a connection with the spotted creatures. As the weather began to cool off earlier this fall, we started seeing ladybugs in the house. Sadie decided it would be a great idea to keep them as pets. She made them their own little habitat in an old cashew container complete with leaves, grass and water. She poked holes for air and happily kept them down in her room.

I forgot all about her little pets until yesterday. I went downstairs to help Savannah with something and I came across a basket with a tissue laying across the top. The tissue had writing on it and it was draped over Sadie's beloved ladybug home.

I love you Rosie
I love you Dasiy
I miss you giys!
You-ved moved on!
It's time to let go
and it's hard!

See the broken heart at the top? That's exactly what my heart did when I read this. My sweet, tender little Sadie. Just picturing her grief when she realized they were dead chokes me up a little. Can you imagine if it was a dog?

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cstowell said...

What a special glimpse into her tender, innocent heart...