Friday, November 8, 2013

Easy Peasy - Treat Box From a Paper Cup

I love cute and fun ways to package gifts. There's something cheerful about a little package containing a small treat to say "Thank You," "Get Well," or "I'm thinking about you!" I saw a picture of these adorable treat boxes and knew I had to try. These would make fun favors for a party. They would look so cute at each place setting for Thanksgiving or another memorable occasion. Bonus: They are super easy to make! Here's how...

I used paper cups from the dollar store. They came 12 cups to a package. Any paper cup should work. If you like, use cups with a pre-printed design or put on a fun sticker or something to fit the occasion. I added a "Y" sticker to mine because we're crazy about BYU around here. (Go Cougars!!)

Start by cutting the top white rim off the cup. Then cut slits down from the top, evenly spaced, all the way around. I cut mine just over an inch deep and I cut 8 slits. You can have as many tabs as you like, just make sure they are evenly spaced. Fill it with your treat then fold each tab down in order around the cup, tucking the last tab under the first. That's it. Super cute!


Denise said...

YOU will never cease to AMAZE me! P.E.R.I.O.D.!!! And I am absolutely in love with your daughter too. She tried to convince me she wasn't creative yesterday - ha! So, I just wanted you to know that she is a keeper! NOT that you don't ALREADY know this, of course, but just wanted to remind you that I think she ROCKS!

Peggy said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to use it for nursery and for Christmas.
Thanks!!! :)