Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reminiscent of Rexburg

Rexburg, Idaho - Imagesource

My first two years of college were spent in Rexburg, Idaho at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho). Most people not-so-jokingly refer to Rexburg as Iceberg because it is one of the coldest places on earth, second only to Antarctica.

I woke up to the radio every morning and I would lay there listening to the weather as they reported negative temperatures and then they would start in on the school closings. As they read through what seemed like every single school in the surrounding area, I would hope beyond hope that they would say "Ricks College" as they rattled through their list.


Not once in my entire two years did Ricks College close. Not even the day that it was -68º with the wind chill. I am not making this up. Instead, I had to drag myself out of my warm bed, bundle up in as many layers as possible and then walk through every single building on campus so I wouldn't freeze to death on my way to my 8:00 class that was literally in the farthest building from my apartment.

It makes me cold just thinking about it!

So when the phone rang tonight with an automated message from our school superintendent informing us that "due to extremely cold temperatures" there will be no school tomorrow, I had a little flashback to my Rexburg days. I kind of wanted to say, "Neener neener neener!" but that's rather childish so I'll just say, "Yes!! No school!! Snow day #5. We've now maxed out the school calendar and any snow days after this are FREE so bring it on!"


Tomorrow will be a great day! :)

As a side note, Sam found out the other day that he's been accepted to BYU-Idaho in good old Rexburg, Idaho. I really loved my time at Ricks, despite the cold, but if Sam decides to accept, I won't be visiting in the winter!

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