Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Still Snowing


Loads of snowflakes in my little corner of the world tonight!

It started snowing around 11:15 this morning and by 12:30 I could see that after-school pickup was going to be a nightmare. When Jeff told me that the University canceled all afternoon and evening classes, I knew it must be bad so I decided to avoid the mess and pick my kids up early. Somehow I knew they wouldn't mind! :) School ended up being dismissed an hour earlier than usual so they didn't miss much.

The snow has been persistent throughout the day. Fairly early this afternoon we received word that tomorrow will be Snow Day #7! The best part is that the University is also closed - a rare event - so Jeff gets to stay home with us. Hooray!!

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Lori said...

you guys are getting all our snow!