Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where in the World?

So this is it. Sam just submitted his mission papers.

For those of you who don't know what that means, click here to get the scoop on missionary service. Be sure to open the infographic to see missionary work by the numbers. It's kind of cool.

It will probably take two weeks or so before Sam receives his mission call. For fun, we're taking guesses. So get out your world map and let us know in the comments where you think Sam will serve for the next two years.

I'll start you off...

1. Fiji
2. Sweden

(I get two guesses because I'm his mom.)

This is so exciting! Sam's going to be a great missionary.

UPDATE:  Here are the guesses so far. Some places are getting multiple votes like Russia, Scotland, and Utah. I'm only listing each location once --
3. Thailand
4. Japan
5. Taiwan
6. Idaho
7. Russia
8. Costa Rica
9. Arkansas
10. Chile
11. Washington
12. Canada
13. Ukraine
14. Philippines
15. Nevada
16. Scotland
17. Utah
18. France
19. Madagascar
20. Hawaii
21. Venezuela
22. Washington DC
23. New Mexico
24. Ireland
25. Ohio
26. Maryland
27. Brazil
28. Vanuatu
29. India
30. Hong Kong
31. Djibouti
32. Seattle
33. Germany
34. Nova Scotia
35. Argentina
36. Mongolia
37. England
38. Finland
39. Italy
40. Congo
41. Cambodia
42. Africa
43. Korea
44. Belgium
45. Singapore
46. Spain
47. California
48. Mozambique
49. Czech Republic
50. Mexico
51. New Zealand
52. Texas
53. West Jordan (from Sam's little cousin who lives there. :)
54. South Africa
55. Louisiana (from Sam's little cousin who is moving there. :)
56. Dominican Republic


Ask Jill said...


Ask Jill said...

And I have no idea why my post says, "ask Jill"...apparently I set that up at some point when I thought I would be the next Dear Abby?! I am excited for you, Sam! :)

rob said...

1. Taiwan
2. Idaho
(I get two guesses because I'm his favorite uncle)

Desmonia La Pense said...

I have to go with my first impression after reading this...Russia

Dana Day said...

Scotland like his Mom. But maybe Phillipines. Maybe Utah like his Dad and my son. That is 3. Lol.

cstowell said...

Grandma says Russia or Washington DC. Grandpa says New Mexico Spanish or Baltimore!

Greta said...

Columbus Ohio!!! (I promise we would feed him weekly if he comes to Dublin.) I was going to say England, but I like Columbus better.

David Martin said...

Sao Paulo, Brazil because I am his favorite uncle (NOT you Rob) and that is where I went.

Lori said...

SO exciting!!!!!!

Denise said...

I say Belgium!

Jared said...

Time has sure flown by! I can't believe he's already going to be a missionary. How excited I am for him and for the blessings that will come to your family. I am going to guess New Zealand or California.

Peggy said...

I emailed my guesses.
Good luck wherever you go, Sam.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥