Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Boy Who Made Me A Mother

Eighteen years ago today I became a mom. For all the things I forget with this terrible memory of mine, I still remember the details of that day so clearly. I'm still amazed how, in one instant, I could go from not knowing this little person in my life to wondering how I could have ever lived without him. 


Today, eighteen years later, Sam became an adult. I knew it was coming. I've watched him make his way through the lazy, angry, overwhelming teenage years. But somewhere over the last couple of years, he found his stride. 

Sam is funny, smart, talented, hard working, sensitive, handsome and a friend to all. When he puts his mind to something, well, just stay out of his way! I am anxious to see what his future holds. It breaks my heart when I think of dropping him off at the missionary training center this summer so I try not to think about it. Two years is a long time, but Sam will be a great missionary. Of that I am certain. 

Happy Birthday, Sam!!

Wherever you are, I hope you set your little corner of the world on fire...

...and I hope eighteen is your best year so far!

Love, Mom


Kristin and Jay said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I hope it is a fantastic year for you!

Lori said...

He will be amazing! But i can understand how it is a lot of mixed feelings for you!