Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pretty Little Bird

We have some large picture windows on our home and occasionally a bird will fly right into one of them without realizing there's glass there. Savannah and I were talking in the kitchen when we heard the unmistakable thunk of a bird hitting the window. It sounded like a pretty hard hit and I wondered out loud if I'd be finding a dead bird on my porch.

When Savannah and I went out to the porch, we found this pretty little common yellowthroat (male) on the bench beneath the window, alive but hurt. There was a cool breeze so I grabbed a towel to shield him from the wind. He made no attempt to fly so, thinking he might be here a while, I gave him some thistle seed and water. He appeared pretty calm and didn't even flinch when I stroked his back several times.

Despite my visions of nursing our new little friend back to health, Mr. Yellowthroat must have recovered from his collision because he was gone when I returned a few minutes later to check on him.

I'm so glad he found his wings.

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