Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Violin Recital

This one is for the grandparents. :)

Sam and Sterling had their annual spring violin recital last week. This was Sam's last violin recital and he and Sterling played so well together! They played Concerto Grosso Op 3. No. 11 in D minor by Vivaldi. It's super long because there are three movements, but it's so beautiful! Savannah was the accompanist for them as well as for some of the other students. She's pretty amazing on the piano!

Sterling also played a solo piece, Concerto No. 1 in A Minor by J. B. Accolay. Wow! He did such a great job! I love listening to my violin playing boys.

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Dana Day said...

All three are incredibly talented!!! Including Savannah at the piano. I am always amazed at what a great accompanist she is. Such wonderful talents. Sterling I just know will be conducting the Mo Tab one day. :).