Monday, June 23, 2014

For the Last Time

Sterling's firefly friend

We're getting down to the end. We'll drop Sam off in just over three weeks at the Missionary Training Center. We leave next weekend for a two week vacation out west. Savannah leaves in the morning to get a headstart on that vacation. So our time all together as a family in our little corner of the world ends tonight. I start to cry if I think about it too much.

So, tonight for our weekly Family Home Evening, Sam taught us one of the lessons he will be teaching on his mission, we sang "One Day More" from Les Mis with everyone singing their part (Sadie and Soren are so cute as the Thenardiers), then we went outside to play freeze tag and catch fireflies. Before heading in for the night, we all worked together to relocate a huge and ridiculously heavy play structure from our yard to the neighbors yard and no one complained. It was a perfect night.

I'm going to miss this!

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Lindsay Witt said...

I know it will probably be crazy, but I would love to see you while you are here in Utah!!