Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Little Shaver

shaver  [shey-ver], noun, 1. a person or thing that shaves. 2. a small boy; youngster.

Sterling has been begging to shave for years. He's occasionally tried to make deals with us: "If I pull out my loose tooth, will you let me shave?" My answer has always been no. I mean, he's only twelve.

But, while my other boys had no need to shave at this age, Sterling really could get away with it. He's just always had more facial hair than the others. But still. He's twelve. I was holding out for another year or two.

Fortunately for Sterling, Jeff isn't so stubborn. On Monday, Sterling lathered up and Spencer donated a razor. Jeff coached Sterling through the process.

You've never seen a happier kid!

Sterling decided to mark the monumental day on the calendar to be remembered for all time all month: "Sterling Shaved!"

Sadie was unimpressed. Check out her addition below...

Sterling Shaved!  ...  No one cares - Sadie

Never a dull moment! :)

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rob said...

Next step: shaving his legs