Friday, July 25, 2014

Bundling Up in July

We're having some pretty crazy weather. July in our little corner of the world is known for being hot and humid. It rarely rains so everyone's grass turns brown and we spend a lot of time indoors.

But not this year.

Tuesday at the Cardinals game we had typical Illinois July weather: low 90's that felt like 100º and plenty of humidity. By Thursday it was sunny and 75º. I kicked the kids out of the house and forced them to play outside. It's just not something they think of doing at the end of July. We even set up the tent last night and slept in the backyard. During the night, the temperature dropped down into the 50's and it felt so nice to snuggle down into our sleeping bags instead of laying on top of them just wishing for a breeze! Today was a little rainy, but beautiful this evening - again in the 70's. When I booted the kids out the door again after dinner, I laughed when Sadie came back in for a jacket because she was "freezing."

July 25th and all bundled up!

Apparently we're in for a stormy weekend, but by Monday we're back into the low 70's and it looks like it might just be a perfect week. Savannah will be at girls' camp and the rest of us may decide to go camping, too. I could get used to this!!

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