Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Missionary

Today we mustered up all of our courage and bravely dropped Sam off at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. The four months since he received his mission call to serve in the Arizona Mesa Mission flew by and suddenly we find ourselves Samless. This is going to be an adjustment.

It helps to know that Sam is ready for this. He was all smiles as we arrived at the MTC. Knowing that there would be little, if any, time for goodbyes when we dropped him off, we all had our tear-filled hugs before leaving for Provo. Once we arrived, Sam jumped out of the van, grabbed his suitcases, and somehow was able to confidently walk away even though there were five faces looking out the back of the van with tears streaming down them. Talk about heart breaking! I can't even picture it in my mind without crying all over again.

I think today was harder than any of us anticipated. Ironically, this is what we've wanted for Sam ever since he was born and I am so happy that Sam chose to serve. He will be a great missionary, I am sure.

But right now, all we can think about is how much we miss him!

The view from my mirror as we approached the MTC. Such a handsome guy!

Saying goodbye. You can't tell in the picture, but Soren is in tears!
We love you, Sam! See you in two years.


Lori said...

Reading this post and seeing him hug his brother brought tears to my eyes too! Your sone will be fantastic!!! The people of Arizona will be grateful to know him.

Lori said...

son. not sone.

Dana Day said...

Missy, I thought of you all day. I totally understand. Cry all you want. It is hard and it is a "horrible joy" as a little grandma told me when Kent aka Elder Day left last fall. Have hope. Sunshine is ahead. :). The letters roll in and you'll understand. For now it hurts to picture the little faces that miss his absence. Love you friend! Can't wait to hear his joyful letters. :)

Karey said...

Wow! I didn't realize it was already here. I'm a terrible friend. I can't believe how grown up he looks in these pictures. Missions are amazing.

I'm sure he's going to be a great missionary. I hope you're doing okay. It's hard when they go, but when you start getting the weekly letters, it helps so much. That will be your favorite day of the week, for sure.

Your family and Sam will by in my prayers. Take care!