Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vacation Highlights: Dancing

A few months before our vacation, ideas were submitted for fun family activities we could do together. Someone mentioned a dance and the idea took off. Uncle Randy put his DJ skills to work and we even borrowed a great sound system and turned grandma and grandpa's backyard into a ballroom. Neighbors were invited and the dance was a success. You can see from the photos below that the Stowells (and their friends) have got the moves. It was a great night!

My boys showing off their moves.

Lots of line dances and plenty of willing participants

Grandma and Grandpa. So sweet!

The big girl cousins: Katie, Sarah, Savannah and Briana

Sometimes you just have to twirl.

There was plenty of traditional dancing as well.

Sadie and Jeff danced to their song, "My Little Girl" on Sadie's last 8-year old day.


Lori said...

how fun! you have a beautiful family.

cstowell said...

So fun memories!