Monday, July 28, 2014

Vacation Highlights: Triathlon

Bright and early on July 10, we were up and ready for our first ever Family Triathlon. The first event was the swim which took place in the chilly Rigby Lake. Surprisingly, I acclimated to the cold water rather quickly and made it through the .3 mile swim without a problem. I was the only girl who did the full swim (there were about 5 men). A few of the kids swam a shorter length of a hundred yards or so. Sorry, but I refuse to post any pictures of the swim. This is a happy blog and I intend to keep it that way. :)

For the cycling portion, most of the kids and some adults rode 4 miles around grandma and grandpa's neighborhood. One of my nieces wanted to tackle the full 12 mile bike ride, but her parents were concerned about whether she'd be able to make it. I was more than happy to take up the rear so I could keep an eye on her and honestly, that was my preferred pace anyway! The scenery was so pretty. I shot a few photos with my iPod so you can see how beautiful our surroundings were.

Jeff came in first for the bike ride and I came in last, but it was a gorgeous and comfortable ride. The run picked up right where the bikes left off. Three times around the neighborhood equals 5K. I originally signed up to run just 1 mile, but realized that I could walk the 5K and still say I did it. (I did it!!!)

We passed out t-shirts, drank lots of water and gatorade, and didn't do much for the rest of the day. :) It was a great goal to work for and I'm hoping we might be able to do it again!

Way to go, Sam and Savannah!!


Lori said...

a great accomplishment! way to go!

cstowell said...

Whatta group!!

Kristin and Jay said...

Your trip pics and stories are so fun! We were so glad to see you all. I love the picture of Sam and Ruby! Come back soon!