Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Day: Look For the Good

Ready or not...

It's the first day of school. I know. August 12. If you ask me, there should still be three weeks of summer.

But no one asked me.

My challenge to each of my kids as they headed out the door was to look for the good. It's out there. But sometimes, when you're worried or scared, it's easier to look for the negative to confirm our fears. (It's out there, too.) I told them there will be good and bad things that happen today but I want them to look for the good. I hope they do. I hope they find bunches of it!

And I hope they come home happy. :)

Sadie, our happy fourth grader. Today couldn't come soon enough for this girl!

Soren, sixth grade. This year he's the big man on campus!

Sterling, seventh grade. Braving the middle school!

Spencer, tenth grade. He knows the ropes. 

Savannah left in a hurry before I could get a good before-school photo so I'm stealing one we took the other day... 

Savannah is a SENIOR!! She's already looking forward to May 15... (slow down, please!)

{As a side note, please notice our green grass. This is a novelty. This has been the mildest summer we've ever had, by far. It's rained more than usual, and we've had weeks of temperatures in the 70's. Unheard of. Usually, in July and August, we're lucky if it cools off to the 70's at night! So while the grass is usually brown and very thirsty by the end of July and August, this year it's a lush green. I just wanted to note that here because it may be a while before it happens again and I don't want to forget!}


Lori said...

i hope they have a great year. and i was going to say- your lawn looks beautiful!

cstowell said...

Whatta crew!!!

Karey said...

They look so cute! Wow, I was feeling sorry for myself that my kids start the 19th. The 12th is horrible. Hope you have a great year.