Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Because I'm in complete denial that Spencer went and turned FIFTEEN today, please excuse me while I reminisce. I may have posted this before, but we were remembering at dinner some of the funny things he used to say.

Age 5:
"I don't have any earwax anymore. My ears are just plain, plain, plain."

One day Spencer came home from Kindergarten and asked, "Are some markers pregnant?" We looked at him kind of funny so he repeated himself. "Are some markers pregnant?" Another strange look. "Wait, what does pregnant mean?" We explained it means you have a baby in your tummy. So he asked, "Does it also mean something that doesn't come off?" The light went on and we said, "Oh, you mean 'permanent.'" "Yeah. Mrs. Fleming has some markers that are permanent..."

Spencer still makes us laugh, plus he's super smart and responsible and kind and handsome and overall just a really great young man. In another day or two he'll have his permit so he can DRIVE! I mean, just slow down a little please!!

Happy Birthday, Spencer! I hope all your wishes come true and I hope fifteen is your best year so far!


Lori said...

a good and sweet kid and what a beautiful little boy!

Peggy said...

I didn't miss his birthday, did I??? My left hand can't remember what my right hand does!!! Being out of town set me back. :(

Karey said...

His eyes! Seriously so cute.