Wednesday, October 15, 2014

General Conference In Person

I mentioned in my last post that the girls and I attended General Conference on Saturday, October 4. I'm so glad we went! We loved being there.

Below is a view of the Salt Lake Temple peeking through the trees as seen from our walk to the Conference Center.

Here is Savannah outside the Conference Center. I think she's super cute and already looks the part of a Sister Missionary!
I'm kicking myself for not getting pictures of Sadie or the rest of our group. We went with my brother, Rob and his adorable girlfriend, Jenny. We met up with one of my missionary companions, Karen Betten (a.k.a. Larsen) and another sister from my mission, Delisa. We laughed a lot and had a great time catching up! Savannah also met up with a friend. Our plan was to get pictures outside after the session ended, but somehow those plans fizzled and died. Rats.

Here's our view from inside the Conference Center as we waited for the General Authorities to take their seats and for the meeting to start.

As I've listened to the other sessions of this Conference, I've been so impressed by the timeliness of the messages. One of my favorites, Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence, by Elder Jörg Klebingat, is below. (To read it, click here.)

Elder Klebingat's message reminded me of a meeting I attended as a missionary in Scotland. Elder Kenneth Johnson, who was a member of the Seventy at the time, spoke to us. He said that number one on his list of virtues was to be able to stand with confidence in the presence of God. At any given moment, we should be able to ask ourselves, "Right now, could I stand with confidence in the presence of God?" If the answer is no, we need to repent and make the necessary changes.  I feel that Elder Klebingat went a step further and really narrowed down what keeps us from feeling that confidence and what we can do to feel it again. Good stuff!


Lori said...

how fun that you got to attend in person. and i loved that talk too!

cstowell said...

We also were impressed by the specifics of that talk! And, yes, Sister Stowell is in the making!!!! That is a beautiful picture of Savannah.

Jenny said...

I am also bummed that we didn't get any pictures together. :( I got your letter this morning. So cute. I can't wait to experience the 7 wonders of Charleston Illinois!

Karey said...

I loved all of conference, but this might have been my favorite talk. So, so good. Glad you could come and attend. Next time, if you have an extra hour, let's go to lunch again. And we could bring our girls. It would be a blast.