Sunday, January 18, 2015

Don't Eat Pedro

After school started up again a couple of weeks ago, Sadie brought home a big stack of papers and projects from last quarter. One of these was a Thanksgiving project - Pedro, the Mexican Dancer. 

You see, Pedro is really a turkey who didn't want to get eaten on Thanksgiving day. Sadie's job was to disguise him to keep him safe. Each of my kids has had this assignment at least once over the years and we've come up with some pretty creative things - the Jedi and Princess come to mind, but I think Pedro is my favorite. 

It was a family assignment so I drew Pedro's outfit and sombrero and Sadie colored him and wrote the description (below) all by herself. It worked! Pedro survived. :)

I am not a turkey, I am a Mexican dancer. First, I have my mustache. Also, I have my big ruffley sleeves with all my bright colors. Next, I have my sombrero. I also have my share of beautiful dances. Do you like dancing? For me dancing is almost as beautiful as you, and almost as important as sleep. Hope to see you at my next performance if I'm still alive. Don't forget I am not a turkey. Sincerely, Pedro, the Mexican dancer.

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Karey said...

I didn't know you were so artistic. That's quite an outfit and sombrero. And I LOVE Sadie's little story. Why have none of my kids ever had this assignment?