Monday, January 12, 2015

Nine and a Half

Sadie is officially nine and a half. Most of the half-birthdays in this family go by without a thought, but Sadie has been looking forward to this. She's my calendar and she remembers everything! I will confess that I had forgotten it was her half-birthday when I made chocolate pumpkin muffins for breakfast, but she was convinced I'd made them just for her special day! :) 

And you know you're special when the schools declare an official holiday and cancel school for your half-birthday! Okay, maybe that's not exactly what happened, but we ended up with just enough ice to make the morning commute hazardous so we were able to enjoy Snow Day #3 together at home.

Sadie has recently taken an interest in sewing and so, last weekend, Sadie made a blanket for one of her favorite babies. Dot loves to snuggle and this blanket was perfect! With elephants (Sadie's favorite) on one side, and flowers on the other, Sadie stitched "Dot" into one corner and then did a blanket stitch by hand all around the outside edge. It was a happy surprise when she learned, just minutes before finishing up on Saturday, that it was Dot's first birthday that day! 

Dot, all snuggled in to her new blanket.

Happy Half-Birthday, Sadie-bug!

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