Friday, January 2, 2015

Scream Fest

It all started calmly enough. We got our jammies on and snuggled in to watch "Little House on the Prairie" before bed. Sadie started reading the books around Thanksgiving and we've been making our way through the TV series over the holidays.

The show was all but over when one of the kids yelled, "There's a bat in our house!"

Sure enough, a bat was flying back and forth across the living room. We don't know how or when it got in the house. All we knew is that we wanted it out! Clearly, the bat felt the same.

After plenty of screams each time the bat flew in our direction, the boys and Sadie and I quickly made a dash for my bedroom where we shut the door and waited safely on the other side. Savannah and Jeff, however, stayed in the living room.

While Savannah offered her support by screaming at regular intervals, Jeff propped the front and back doors wide open and hoped for the best. After several minutes, the screaming stopped and the bat was gone. No one actually saw it leave, but a thorough inspection found no signs of a bat still in the house.

This has happened once before. We're hoping it doesn't happen again. That's more than enough excitement for one night!

This brown bat may or may not be the same kind that was flying around my living room tonight...

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Unknown said...

So excited that I can actually post a comment ( tried tirelessly in the past and never worked!) Noel and I enjoyed this post, we had a good laugh, it reminded us of a bird that flew into our house years ago.....