Saturday, April 25, 2015


Where I went to school, we had dances galore. The date dances were Homecoming, Hawk Hoedown, the Christmas Dance, MORP, Valentine's Dance, Junior Prom, and Senior Dinner Dance. I may have even missed one. Plus we had Stomps throughout the year where everyone went and just danced with whoever happened to be there. 

But here, in Smalltown, USA, there are two dances - Homecoming and Prom. So you can bet those two dances are a really big deal! 

Savannah prepared for Prom for longer than I prepared for my wedding. I am not exaggerating. She and her girlfriends did facials last night. They painted their nails and swapped shoes and jewelry. Savannah got her hair done and spent hours getting ready for the dance, most of that time was spent freaking out that the long awaited day was finally here! She has been looking forward to this night for a long time. 

She looked like a Princess. 

Savannah and Dillon

Her first dance of the night was with her dad. She made him dance with her to "I Danced With Cinderella" before her date came to pick her up. 


Lori said...

very nice. Beautiful daughter! Hope she had lots of fun!

cstowell said...

These photos are JUST what we were waiting to see. Savannah, glad the first dance was with your Dad. Your dress is so beautiful, complements you so well.