Monday, May 11, 2015

Bye Bye Birdie

I'm finally posting about the musical. It's hard to believe it ended over a week ago. We were able to see Bye Bye Birdie three times and oh, it was so, so good!! 

Savannah was Kim MacAfee. I mean she was Kim. She was perfect for the part and nailed the musical numbers. She was originally double-cast so she was supposed to perform as Kim in 2 of the 4 shows. But a few weeks before opening night, the other Kim dropped out so Savannah was the one and only. It was a little stressful for a while there, but it worked out so well in the end. 

Spencer, top right (purple shirt) and Savannah, front center.
Spencer was a teenage boy, a dishwasher at "Maude's," and the tenor in a quartet. The first night he was right on. In one of the quartet numbers, he had a brief high solo and he did so well. Then he got sick. He had a monster head and chest cold. He managed to get the notes out on the second performance, weak but on key. Then he woke up the next morning with literally no voice. Nothing. With the final two performances that day, he was super worried about it. But the show must go on so the pianist sang Spencer's part where it mattered while Spencer mouthed the words and no one knew the difference! Several people even complimented him on his voice. :) For the rest of the show, Spencer lip synced his songs and danced his heart out. It was awesome!

Spencer, the one with the rose and the 'stache. 

Soren played Randolph, Kim's little brother. He was adorable and did a great job! 

The other characters did every bit as well. A friend of Savannah's, Annie, played Mae Peterson, Albert's mother. Oh my, she was hilarious! Her musical number, "A Mother Doesn't Matter Anymore," was perfect. 

I wish you could have been here. Our school has a tradition of amazing musicals and this year was no exception. We all loved it!! Bravo!!


Lori said...

that is so great that so many of your family were involved. you are all so talented!

cstowell said...

Grandpa and I so enjoyed being the proud grandparents! Fun memories for all of us.