Sunday, May 10, 2015


We have a tiny nest snuggled into the rose bush right outside our window. The nest is only about three inches across. The good little mama bird is diligent in guarding her eggs. She wasn't right there when I took this picture, but she was chirping away letting me know that she saw me and I'd better not mess with her nest!

I hear you, mama bird. I don't want anyone messing with my nest, either.

{Happy Mother's Day!}


rob said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the title of this post. I thought you were going to have to come up with another "S" name...

missy said...

Funny, Rob. Although that did cross my mind when I came up with the title of this post. No more little Stowells for us, at least none that will call me mom. The ones that call me Grandma are several years away... :)