Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scène de Ballet

Sterling gave the most amazing violin performance at his recital last night! He played Scène de Ballet by Bériot. He has been working on this piece for a year and, boy howdy, all that practice paid off! It's a beautiful piece and he played it so well. Savannah accompanied him. They sure make a great team.

Pull up a chair (and if you're me, grab a tissue...) and enjoy!


Lori said...

Such a talented family!

Peggy said...

I'll bet he stole the show!!!
That was unbelievable!!! How do his fingers move that fast??? Such a cute and talented boy and beautiful and talented girl.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tamara Erickson said...

He gave a very impressive performance! Savannah, too.

cstowell said...

Just can't help thinking First Chair in a celestial orchestra....or playing in a cathedral in Vienna on his mission for an investigator fireside!!! But wait, who is going to take Savannah's place??? What a team, and we are so pleased that both Sterling and Savannah have put out the effort and stuck with it to develop their talents. They are a gift to the rest of us. Hope Sam gets to see this too!

Ashlee said...

WOAH! Sterling! That was amazing! I can't imagine the amount of work it took to prepare such an ambitious piece.

Man you Stowells have talent!!!

Dana Day said...

I am very convinced this child will be conducting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir someday when Dr. Mack Wilberg is finished. He is incredible and she is an amazing pianist!