Wednesday, October 7, 2015

General Conference

I love General Conference. I say that every six months, but it's one of my favorite weekends! This past weekend did not disappoint. It filled me right up!

Three new apostles were sustained: Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Elder Gary E. Stevenson and Elder Dale G. Renlund. Before now, there haven't been three apostles sustained in the same conference since 1906.

It was so hard to pick just a few talks to post here - there were so many good ones! But here are some that immediately come to mind.

And then there's our sweet prophet, President Monson. He gave a great talk, but a few minutes before he was through, it was obvious he was struggling. He was literally leaning on the pulpit by the end and breathing heavily. I'm sure there were thousands of silent prayers being said on his behalf to help him finish his message.

What a blessing it is to hear the word of the Lord from his chosen prophet and apostles. I'm looking forward to studying their words over the next six months. There is so much to learn and apply and I can't wait to dive right in!

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