Tuesday, October 20, 2015

XC - No Excuses

I've mentioned before how much I love Cross Country! I still think it's an amazing sport and I admire anyone who participates.

Spencer has had a great season. It's coming to an end with the biggest races over the next few weekends. He is only seconds away from lettering and he's really pushed himself and accomplished more than he thought he could. He's had personal bests at several races this year and he is fit and toned from his hours of practice.

Spencer with his sprint at the end of a race.                  Photo by Lynne Oliver

This year was a first for XC at the middle school level. Sterling was thrilled and enjoyed his participation a year earlier than he expected. His season has officially ended, but he's got the bug and is hoping to join a running club to keep in shape until track season in the spring. The volunteer coach who was instrumental in getting XC approved this year is seriously the best and was constantly motivating these kids to do and become better - not only on the course, but in life. What you do before and after a race matters every bit as much as what happens during it. And I'm not just talking training and healthy habits. Coach Mac motivated these kids to be kind and hard working and helpful. I'll say it again - he's the best!

Sterling's end-of-race kick.                         Photo by Charlotte Bednar

My contribution was the middle school t-shirt/sweatshirt design. 

It's been a great season! I'm looking forward to next year.


cstowell said...

XC is a builder of men and women...hard work and personal bests. Love these guys and their determination!

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missy said...

Hi CTM. I designed it myself and had it printed locally. I'm happy to share the design. Do you have an e-mail address?