Sunday, December 6, 2015

An Empty Manger

When I was young, my mom read us a story called "The Last Straw" about a family that drew names and did acts of service for each other. With each act of service, they would lay a piece of straw in a manger. Their goal was to make a soft bed for the baby Jesus by Christmas day.

We've done this in our family a few times over the years, but this year I'm adapting it a little. Instead of drawing names, I want my kids to be aware of the needs around them. Rather than focusing on serving one individual, I want them to learn to see needs that will bless any member of our family or our family as a whole.

I assembled this crude manger this afternoon with popsicle sticks and glue. It sits empty for now, but I'm hoping that it will fill right up as we transform it from an empty manger to the softest bed overflowing with love and service for the baby Jesus.

And I hope this will continue way past December 25!

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