Monday, December 14, 2015


Sterling had an orthodontic consultation this morning. We were just going in for x-rays and an assessment to see how much it would cost (more than my car) and how long treatment might take (up to 18 months).

On our way to the appointment, Sterling asked if he'd be getting braces today. "Oh, no no no. This is just a consultation to see if we want to go with this office or not. We'll get all the details and then make a decision," was my reply.

At the consultation, we decided we'd go ahead with this orthodontist. Sterling asked again, "So can I get my braces today?" Again, I said no. We'd have to schedule an appointment. Then the assistant said, "Actually, we've just had a cancellation so if he really wants to..."

He really wanted to so I gave them all my money, she took a few pictures and more x-rays and Sterling ended up with a mouthful of braces.

Looks like a typical (and super cute) middle schooler to me! 

At his appointment when they showed him a picture of his panoramic x-ray, Sterling's response was, "My teeth are very photogenic!" 

Later on, he said to me, "Mom, call me Brace Face." 
"Okay, Brace Face!"
"Hey, that's bracist!" 

Looks like we're in for plenty of fun over the next 18 months. (Wish me luck!)

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