Monday, December 28, 2015

Looks Like Rain

Over 3.5" of rain over the weekend. More to come...
It's raining in my world. It's been raining for two days and, as you can see in the radar above, it's going to rain all day today. We're under a flash flood watch, but it was a warning on Saturday night. Sure enough, we woke up to water in our basement - and two of our rental properties - yesterday. Right now it's manageable because:

  • I have a dryer so I have a continuous supply of dry towels.
  • We have a dehumidifier.
  • While the water seems to be coming in faster today, it is only coming in on one end of the basement.
  • Our food storage is on shelves above the streams of water.
  • This won't last forever.
Rain reminds me of Scotland and it makes me want to bake. So there are fresh muffins for breakfast and we'll be having soup for dinner.

It could be worse!

Update 12/31/15: Wow! That was a TON of rain! I've heard various reports, but we ended up with somewhere between 4-7 inches in 3 days. For several hours, I had a literal fountain of water shooting through the wall into my storage room. But once it stopped raining, the water moved out pretty quickly, at least where we were concerned. Our basement is dry once again and our rentals look like they'll be okay as well. There were many places within a couple hours of us that got a lot more rain than we did. I-70 was closed in several locations due to flooding. I guess St. Louis was hit pretty hard! Like I said, it could have been worse! We're feeling pretty blessed that we got off relatively easy. 

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