Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sweep the Earth

Each week I receive an e-mail full of uplifting quotes from Sweep the Earth. They usually make me smile or think or determine to be better. Sweep the Earth is trying to do just that: Sweep the earth with positive, uplifting messages. The quotes generally come from current or former leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of the memes are made by Sweep the Earth and some are borrowed from other sources, but all are inspiring and intended to lift, bless and brighten.

Here's a timely and hopeful message from this week's e-mail:

I subscribe, which is why I get the e-mails, but you can visit their site and search for quotes as well. They are searchable by Keyword, Author, or Category. For example, I searched for quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland (always a favorite!) and here are a few - okay, a lot - of the results:



Aren't they great? And that's just a very small sampling of what you'll find. It's so refreshing to see a website that exists solely to bring hope and joy to others. I just wanted to share so that if you are so inclined, you can subscribe and receive a little bit of sunshine in your inbox each week as well. Or just browse the site when you need a boost, and then share what you find so you can help Sweep the Earth. :)

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Peggy said...

Very nice! I hope I can remember this website.