Friday, February 19, 2016

Sick Day

Sterling was feeling kind of crummy the other day. Something's been going around and while there's no fever or major symptoms, it just makes you want to curl up and stay home. So when the school nurse called, I didn't hesitate to bring Sterling home for the afternoon.

I thought maybe he'd snuggle in and watch a movie or read a book. Maybe he'd take a nap.

Nope. Not Sterling.

Something happens to this kid when the demands of school ease up for a bit. His creativity kicks in and he starts exploring new ideas. I could hear him upstairs playing with Legos and at one point I thought I even heard him playing the violin. I was impressed. Give Sterling a little down time and he'll entertain himself for hours.

The video below shows the result of his "sick day." Not bad for a couple hours of free time.

I should really keep him home from school more often... ;)


Peggy said...

Awesome, Sterling! Hope you're feeling better today... or maybe not... wonder what you'll do next!!!

cstowell said...

Sterling, this old world is going to be continually amazed at your creativity!!! This is a great kind of fun!!