Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow Day

It was 68º on Saturday. After such a beautiful weekend in the middle of the most mild February, we were surprised by the Blizzard Warning we were under today. But we love snow days so there was no complaining here! Jeff headed to campus only to find that, surprisingly, Eastern's classes were canceled, too. :) He stayed to work on a presentation and get a few other things done, but he decided to come home when the power went out mid-morning. Fortunately the power wasn't out for long and we ended up having a great day together!

Our day was filled with:
Lots of reading.
A little homework.
Comfort food.
Family games.
Playing outside for hours.
Perfect packing snow.
A giant snowman.
Snow forts.
Sled rides.
Homemade hot chocolate.
The Lego movie.

This is the giant snowman that Jeff and Soren built. 

This was the perfect packing snow!
You can see the layers as the snow easily rolled up on itself. 

Spencer and Sterling worked hard on their snow fort. I think this is Spencer carving out the interior.
Sadie and Soren had their own fort across the yard. 

Who needs a 4-wheeler? Jeff gave the kids "sled rides" with his lawnmower. :)

I love days like this!


Peggy said...

Sounds like a perfect day... especially the games part!!! Wish I was there. :)

Kristin and Jay said...

thats great! I love perfect packing snow!