Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Sunday was the most beautiful day. Because of the Memorial Day weekend and the perfect weather, we took he kids to a small cemetery a few minutes from our home to explore. If there's one thing Illinois has a lot of, it's small cemeteries. They are everywhere. 

One thing we all noticed about this particular cemetery was the number of young children and babies buried there. One particular headstone marked the grave of a husband and wife. It also showed that each of their four children preceded them in death. Three of their children died before they were a year old. The fourth was only 8 or 9. That was in the early 1900's. It left me wanting to know their story. What was their life like? How did they continue on after so much loss? 

We saw several soldiers graves. One was lost at sea. Another died in battle during WWII. But most served their country and then went on to live long lives.    

It was a beautiful afternoon. We love this great country! 

Happy Memorial Day. 

*Note: The Music and the Spoken Word broadcast yesterday had a beautiful arrangement of God Bless the USA, with special guest Dallyn Vail Bayles. I loved it and wanted to post it here, but it won't be available until a year from now. So after May 29, 2017, you should be able to find it here. :) 


Peggy said...

That is sad about the couple losing their 4 children so young. :( I want to know their story too.

BTW, why is everyone all dressed up?

missy said...

Mom, we were still in our Sunday church clothes. :)