Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fifty Years Worth of Family

A big reason we timed our Idaho trip when we did was so that we could see Jeff's brothers and celebrate Richard and Carol's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary (their actual anniversary was the end of May). The Fourth of July weekend was a good time for everyone to get away so we had about 36 hours where everyone (minus Sam) was in town at the same time. 

The cousins enjoyed time together. There was plenty of singing and creative music making. We ate lots of good food! One highlight was the evening where we sat around and reminisced about life on the farm and all the Stowell family things we remember from the past. There were plenty of laughs and a few tears. I think we all left feeling pretty blessed that we get to belong to such a great family group! I know I do. :)

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cstowell said...

These are going canvas and onto my wall!!