Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another First Day

I'm pretty sure school started after Labor Day when I was young, or maybe it was the week before. Either way, it was never August 17. That's just too early to be in school!

Apparently that memo wasn't received in my little corner of the world because school started today despite our best attempts at denial. 

Several anxious kids made it through a somewhat sleepless night and braved the day. Fortunately, they survived and thrived and came home smiling. Whew!! 

Sadie is our adorable sixth grader -- her last year in elementary school!

Soren is the Big Man on Campus as an eighth grader. His last year of middle school.

Our high schoolers: Spencer, a senior and Sterling, a freshman. 
We're looking forward to a great year! :)

{I am painfully aware that it is August 17 and this is my first blog post this month! How did this happen? We've had a great summer and I'm planning to post more details soon!}

Update (August 29): Sam had his first day at BYU today! I thought he should be included on this post, too -- with an appearance by one of his roomies. :) Lookin' good, Sam!!


Lori said...

Your kids are growing up for sure. Yes- i was just saying to a co-worker this morning that I am amazed it is time to go VTing again. we try to do it by the middle of the month. How did this Summer go by so fast? Not that I had it off since i have been working the whole time...but my nephews are not amused that they start school in 4 days.

Peggy said...

Actually, I've been glad for no blog posts for awhile as I haven't had time to read them!

Peggy said...

Good luck in school this year. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Peggy said...

Do you know what plays they will be doing this year?