Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beautiful Inside and Out

Savannah is celebrating her nineteenth birthday today and what a great nineteen years it's been! She has had one big adventure after another, living life to the fullest. Each day is either her best day ever or her worst.

This past year has had oh-so-many bests, but I'm pretty sure she has had her lowest lows this year as well. With each one she's learned valuable lessons. She's more resilient than anyone I know. Never one to hold a grudge, Savannah picks herself up and keeps moving forward no matter the trial or setback.

I'm anxious to see what this next year holds for her. She's working toward some big goals and opportunities. It's exciting to see her embrace each challenge and work toward her dreams.

Happy birthday, Savannah! I hope 19 is your best year so far!


And just to keep it real...


Kristin and Jay said...

Happy birthday! You are a wonderful lady!

Peggy said...

Amazing and talented gal.