Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Only One Person Calls Me Baby

I answered the phone this morning and a soft, unfamiliar male voice on the other end said, "Hi. How ya doin', baby?" 

I was confused. In a split second, several thoughts ran through my mind. Who is this? Why is he calling me baby? Is this a prank? Should I hang up? And then a realization, Wait, only one person calls me baby... 

Immediately I was filled with relief as I enthusiastically said, "Oh hi, dad! How are you?"

You see, my dad suffered a small stroke on Sunday evening. It looks like he should make a full recovery, but he still has some facial droop and slurred speech. It's getting a little bit better each day, according to the updates I've gotten this week from my mom and my brother. 

Today was the first time since the stroke that I've spoken with my dad. I wasn't expecting his voice on the line when I answered, but I can't tell you how happy it made me! I was pleased to find that it was easy to understand him. He just sounds a little different is all. 

I'm just happy he's still around to call me baby. :) 

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Peggy said...

This made me cry! I printed it out for dad.