Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rain Delay

At 11:00 this morning, I received this message from our school superintendent: Due to expected continued rainfall and its impact on road conditions, all schools in the district will dismiss 2-hours early today. 

School has been canceled due to snow and ice several times, but we have never missed school because of rain. I wasn't completely surprised by the cancellation; we've never seen rain like this. We've got little streams running through Jeff's office and our storage room downstairs. We have some rental properties and a couple of them are sporting huge lakes in their backyard. They don't normally have lakes in the backyard...

This next one has a creek that runs just behind the bushes at the front of the photo, but right now you can't tell where the creek ends and the backyard starts. The bridge to the backyard is completely submerged. Do you see the burn pile in the middle of the photo? That sits in the backyard and is several feet tall. But right now it's just a little mound sticking out of the water.

Tonight was supposed to be opening night of the high school production of Guys and Dolls. Spencer and Sterling are gamblers in the play and we've been so excited to see it! But they postponed tonight's show because of the rain. We're hoping for sunshine tomorrow. The show must go on!

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Peggy said...

Well, it's sure lovely and green there though!

Hope the show can go on tonight.

Good luck to Spencer and Sterling.