Sunday, September 10, 2017

Where in the World? Savannah Edition


And here we go again! :)

If it feels like we just did this, we did. Now Savannah's mission papers have been submitted and we're gathering guesses. No one accurately guessed that Spencer would be called to the Idaho Idaho Falls Mission. He's been making the necessary preparations and is getting excited and a little nervous. (He'll be a great missionary!) He reports to the Missionary Training Center on October 4.

We can't wait to learn where Savannah will serve!

Here's are the guesses so far:

1. Senegal
2. Netherlands
3. Austria
4. Salt Lake City Temple Square
5. Tahiti
6. California
7. Guatemala
8. Washington D.C.
9. Texas
10. Puerto Rico
11. Spain
12. Vanuatu
13. Scotland
14. Kenya
15. Oklahoma
16. Australia
17. East Coast
18. Greenland
19. Costa Rica
20. China
21. Baltic States
22. Japan

Where do YOU think Savannah will go?


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Got it! Thanks, Lori. :) (If Greenland is part of a mission, it looks like it would be in the Denmark Copenhagen mission.)