Botany, Wii, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Hi.  This is Sam.  All right, so I have to create a web page for my Communications merit badge.  Here goes.

I have an interest in botany, or the study of plants. I acquired recently some cacti seeds from Arizona to share with my brother, and this is the outcome of planting them. They are difficult to water, but I hope they survive.  The cacti are fun to see them grow, and the one shown below is one of my favorites.  I also have an apple tree, also shown below, that I planted from seed, along with a few other plants.

Definition: something that rarely is used by yours truly. The reason? Procrastination. I really like playing the Wii, but I take so long to do my work.The Wii is a great thing to do when you're trapped inside for the day, but we only get a playing time of 30 minutes. We can earn more, of course, by helping out and getting our work done quickly, but that time can be taken away for bad behavior, not going to bed on time, and (the one that used to get me) not getting your work done. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to play today, though, as I am currently getting my work done quite early.

The Pursuit of Happiness
Lately, I have been a very bad procrastinator, up to the point where I don't get my homework done until 4 periods until it's due. I also was at the point where I didn't clean my bathroom until 10:00 at night, and then had homework to do at 10:45 on a Saturday night. Then, on Sunday, my uncle gave me a "motivational program" where I write a note to myself for the whole week, and every time I see that note, I know what it means and can try to be better. This week I'm concentrating on getting my work done quickly and on time. It's working, too. I did my homework before 8:40 last night, and was able to watch a movie that night without still having homework left to do. Now I'm doing my Scouts for the day before 8:00 a.m., and then after the rest of my work, I'll have nearly the whole day to do what I want. It's great! Much better than what I used to do!

The last thing I need to do for this requirement is add a link that would be helpful to someone who visited this page. This is a (probably) accurate weather site, the NOAA National Weather Service. Here's the link:

Thank You!
A (nearly) Life Scout.

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rob said...

Nice page, Sam, although I have to say, sometimes procrastination can be a good thing. Case in point: your procrastination when it comes to making your movies in our e-mail chess game is going to help you put off your inevitable defeat for many months.

-Your favorite (trash talking) uncle