Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm going to miss this

I love it when my kids learn how to read.  Sadie has definitely caught the reading bug!  You can just tell from this picture of her reading to Jeff this morning how happy she is.  After she read to Jeff, she sat in that chair and listened to book after book; once she exhausted Jeff, it was my turn.  She must have sat there for an hour, never tiring of the stories she loves.  She won't always be like this, and she's my baby so I won't be teaching anyone else how to read.  I'm going to miss this!

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Aaron & Nancy said...

What a sweet picture. I think this all the time. Our youngest will be two a week from Friday and I can hardly fathom the thought of not having a baby around. It's bitter sweet to watch them grow up. I love to see them learn new things, but sad not to have my little baby!