Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Fevers and Basketball

Soren climbed in my bed during the night saying that he just wanted to snuggle.  I soon realized that he was running a fever.  When I asked him how he was feeling, he bravely replied, "Kind of medium."  I gave him some "orange medicine" (children's ibuprofen), the only meds my kids will take willingly, and snuggled him in for more sleep.  It looks like I'll have my little side-kick at home today.

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Meanwhile, the rest of us have a different kind of fever.  Jeff and Sam stayed up late to listen to the BYU (19-1) vs. SDSU (20-0) basketball game.  Turns out all the hype leading up to the game was justified.  Jimmer had 43 points as BYU beat the previously undefeated Aztecs 71-58.  Fredette Fever is pretty contagious right now and we've definitely caught it!

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These are my favorite quotes from the ESPN Sports Center videos we watched early this morning: 

"We're going to throw-up on our screen right now..."  (This was referring to the twitter feed they were posting on the screen, but it made me laugh.)

"Let's slobber over Jimmer Fredette..."
We love our Cougars!

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Aaron & Nancy said...

He is all I'm hearing about too. We've been following the #1 Buckeyes, but I guess I better start watching some BYU ball too!