Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sadie's Beach

This is Sadie's beach -- located in a nice sunny location on the hard living room floor.  The other day she decided she wanted to "go to the beach" and before long she had it all set up.  She thought of everything, right down to the heater; after all, the beach is supposed to be warm.  She even had her sunglasses on, but eventually she made me close the curtains because it was just too bright!  It was pretty funny to see her lying there with the heater blowing and listen to her say, "Oh, this is so nice and warm at the beach." 

Later, she decided that everyone should be able to enjoy her beach.  She made each member of the family a "Bech Tikit" (beach ticket) and invited them to come to her beach.  We love our little bug.  She definitely keeps things interesting around here! 

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rob said...

Vacations in the Stowell household just got considerably less expensive