Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day #4

Yesterday was a snow day.  Today is a snow day.  We had two snow days before Christmas break.  There are only five snow days built into the school calendar.  Anything over 5 is free.  Bring it on!

I guess I should say that the roads today are really not that bad.  In fact, the roads in town were probably fine this morning.  But since our schools cover several rural areas, the buses often have a hard time on those uncleared back roads.  The wind gusts, which means icy roads and drifting snow, don't help. The administration has to make sure that the buses can get everyone to school safe and so sometimes school is canceled, like today, because of those outlying areas.  Whatever the reason, my kids are thrilled.  You'd think it was Christmas!

{This photo was taken yesterday morning, looking out a front window upstairs.  You can see that the road is pretty bad -- and we live on a main road.  The side roads would have been much worse.  Today our road is clear, but as of last night some side streets were pretty slick!  We're happy to be warm and safe inside!}

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Unknown said...

Doesn't look as bad as our house.