Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Every year, when crazy hair day rolls around, it seems like I've just given my boys haircuts so there's not much to work with.  So when I cut everyone's hair a couple of weeks ago, I let Sterling and Soren off the hook so that they would have more options on crazy hair day.

Sterling's hair has a mind of its own and doesn't usually cooperate even on good days.  It took a hefty amount of gel and hairspray to keep it up.  While his hair looks like something you might use to clean off the bottom of your boots, I sure love that cute face!
Soren came up with his do himself.  It's combed forward and up in front.  He calls it 'teenager hair' and he quite likes it.  A little bit shorter and it's okay with me.  No, Soren is not sad.  Just being silly for pictures!

Guess who is meeting them with the electric clippers after school?!  :)