Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Like Spring Break -- Minus the Spring

Tomorrow will be day 4 of no school this week (the 8th snow day this school year)! The University opened today so Jeff is back to work.  Today we were without power for several hours so we went to hang out with friends who never lost theirs.  Before we left the house, we ran from room to room grabbing a few things to take with us.  It's amazing and somewhat comical how you can run into a room, flip on the lights and think, Oh duh, the power is out, and then do the exact same thing in the next three rooms you walk into.  :)

I'm planning to post more photos of the trees around town in the next day or two.  They are so, so beautiful.  They all look like they are made of glass.  When the sun gets behind them, they light up like it's Christmas.  I just don't quite understand how every single branch and twig become completely encased in ice, but it's like that all over town.  So pretty!

So we've been trying to find fun things to do and I think the kids have had a good time out of school these past several days. Here are a few photos of a cute and super easy treat Sadie helped me make the other day.  My mom sent me this link with the idea.  The kids loved them and I was happy to finally use up the rest of my mini Christmas candy canes.

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Aaron & Nancy said...

Wow! That's a lot of missed school! Our kids missed two days this week and one a couple of weeks ago so I think we're pretty good. The suckers are so cute. I've seen these before and thought about making them. I need to do a treat for Bruce's class for Valentine's day. Stay warm!