Thursday, April 28, 2011

Because They Let Me

Sadie attends half-day kindergarten.  She goes to school from 7:55-10:55 and then a little bus brings her home and drops her off at my front door.  She is the only one on the bus everyday.  That is because everyone else attends kindergarten full-day. The half-day option isn't well publicized and there are very few who take advantage of it.  Those who do often end up switching to full-day by the end of the first semester.  I've chosen the half-day option with all of my kids and only switched one of them to full-day before the year was through.  That was Sam, our first, and I regretted it.  I still don't know why I didn't switch him back. 

So, when my kids teachers ask if I'd consider letting them stay all day, I simply tell them why I always choose the half-day option.  Because they let me.  And they'll never let me again.  Kindergarten is my last chance to spend a few extra hours a day with my kids at home with me and I'll take it.  I just wish it was an option every year!


not rob said...

Behind "family", "jokes", "nature", and "my world", apparently you love Sadie best.

...why isn't there a "Rob" tag?

Diane said...

Amen! You never get the time back and so awesome you take advantage of it!